Stress Management

The Dual Benefits Of Custom Imprinted Stress Balls

A custom imprinted stress ball is a fabulous item for meetings, trade shows or simply for distribution among employees. These custom imprinted stress balls can be dynamic advertising tools for a company to add humor and message clear in its advertising campaigns and use it as a strong tool to convey professional message and image. These fun balls are durable and act as stress toys as well as an option for marketing.

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According to the traditional Chinese belief, there are acupuncture points in the palm of each of your hand. When exercising with the imprinted stress ball, the acupuncture points are stimulated. This promotes better health. They help in:

A) relieving stress
B) improving memory
C) relieving joint stiffness and soreness
D) relaxing muscles and joints
E) promoting sleep
F) stimulating blood circulation

To remain without activity, when you are under stress, adds to stress. You get restless, and to find a way out, you can take something in your hand and can squeeze it. It will take care of your concerns and tensions. It is a sort of diversion from the brooding state of your mind.

These custom balls are wear resistant, they are not breakable and the printed design does not come off easily. When your company message and logo is added to a stress ball, it gets transformed into an instrument using which your company gains exposure with paltry effort. Employees and customers love to receive these balls as they act as stress reliever.