Stress Management

To Release Holiday Stress, Here Are 7 Healthy Ways!

A lot of people are passing through a phase of high stress level even on the eve of some festival while they should be in festive mood. For instance, they go through trauma and motion during Christmas and they are engaged in every thing halfheartedly. People do not have smile on their face and they just feel gloomy. It becomes very difficult to know whether these people are in good mood or in bad mood and whether you may interact with them or not. However, if you try to get over these bad feeling and smile, you can counter much stress and can have happiness.
Some tips to release holiday stress are---

1] To get over from your holidays blues, you can have a lower back release. For this, you need to face toward the wall. Stretch the arms and put your palms flat on the wall. Angle your body in a straight posture. You need to bend one knee and place it close to the wall. Close eyes and envision tension on your back as light. Allow this light to travel through all the body parts and finally from hands into the wall. This will be a perfect way to release holiday stress.

2] You need to do some breathing exercises. It is advisable to talk through speech while lying on the bed and you can do it in a loud manner. You need to take a deep breath so that you can watch your stomach rise and fall. You will regain your authentic voice which you had lost and consequently this will enable you to release the holiday stress.

3] You can have a cheek or facial squeeze sitting on the chair in your office. You can perform this process even when you drive. For this, play each of your cheeks to the beat of the song. In case you have buttock dancing, it will provide great relief for back and shoulders. Stress will exit through these body parts.

4] Laughter is a best form of medicine to relieve the holiday stress. Watch some laughter television shows and your whole stress will release.

5] Sway naked in the moonlight. You can also dance to wild music as this will release toxins that create stress.

6] You can also make loud sounds from mouth. This will be a great stress reliever.

7] You need to yell and shout. This sends the blocked energy in the throat away and it will also remove all toxins which are stuck inside.