Stress Management

Top Five Reasons to Sing Out Your Stress

There are many people who are fond of song. They shy away from singing with comments like  I wish I could sing! or  I just love to sing, but can’t in front of anyone else. Some people say that they don’t sing because  a teacher or parents or others told them just to shut their mouths because they don't have good voice.

As speaking is one our birthright, so is singing. Singing is a pure expression that shows how glad we are. It also shows our love for music. These are the top five reasons to sing.

1. To connect with the body
The whole body is connected to singing. When we sing we connect with the breathing process. Singing helps us to release our stress. It helps us to forget our worries which we have accumulated throughout the day. Singing is regarded as a joyous activity. It helps to release feel good chemicals or endorphins.

2. To connect with yourself
Singing is regarded as a meditative tonic. When you sing or simply hum your favorite songs you are giving your inner self a chance to relieve stress.

3. To connect with others
Singing with other people allows you to connect with them. Singing at a concert or at a party shows that you are connected with the world.It helps you take part in a group activity and you get a sense of belonging.

4. To express your feelings
Singing is the best way to express our feelings or emotions. Many times a singer, song writer or  composer expresses our feeling in the form of a song. We sing a song which matches the mood or the occasion.

5. To boost your good feelings
By singing you give yourself pleasure. Any song which is bright, joyful and celebratory will help you to uplift your mood.

Sing out and you will feel proud of your own voice. Keep a journal of how you feel if you sing certain songs. Pick up a song and sing it with all your heart and your mood will be uplifted.