Stress Management

Treating Your Depression With Natural Cures

If you suffer from chronic depression, you may be in for a long ride before you feel better. The most common depression treatments are antidepressant pills. These change your brain chemistry to make you feel better, and it must be said that they work more quickly than any other treatment. But there is a down side to this. Unlike natural cures for depression, these pills do not address the underlying causes of depression. In the short term, they might make you feel a lot better, but in the long term, the depression might recur once you stop taking the pills. They will not make you live your life in a way that makes you happy, they will just stop you from feeling the ensuing misery from the choices that you make.

Many natural cures for depression are no better. Some of them involve drugs like 5-htp which are called natural because they are derived from plants or sold over the counter. As for St. John's Wart, even though it is a natural cure for depression, it is not much different from the pharmaceutical cures. It is simply an herbal antidepressant which you can buy in any herbal store. If you are just going to pop some pill into your mouth, why go for any of the natural cures for depression in the first place? Why not pop a pill that has been rigorously tested by the drug companies instead of some herb that may or may not have been packaged under safe conditions.

The best natural cures for depression involve little or no herbal therapy. They might involve nutritional supplements, but usually this is only part of it. Counseling is the most widely accepted of all of the natural cures for depression. If your depression is not based on a simple chemical imbalance in the brain, than a good therapist will do wonders in helping you to get rid of it completely. Of course, counseling can take a lot of time, but it is worth it. You get to cure your depression by really getting to know yourself and figuring out what is wrong in your life and how to change it. Another of the best natural cures for depression is meditation. Meditation, especially when combined with good exercise, and an active social life, can do wonders for curing your depression. Often there is no better solution to solve the problem.