Stress Management

Alternatives For Anti Depression Medication

Everyone suffers from depression at different stages in life. However, only a few people are fortunate enough to have depression in such severe forms that warrant professional treatment.  Many people are not able to get professional guidance, counseling and therapy and live with some form of depression throughout their lives.

This disease can destroy you by making you feel uninterested and demoralized. It affects your capability to live as a normal individual, leading life to the fullest extent possible. Those who are suffering from depression for a longer time should consult a doctor before it gets out of control. However to consult a doctor does not mean that you have to undergo a treatment with a bundle of medicines to control  depression. You can treat depression and avoid medication by several other alternative options available.

It is difficult to know the exact reason of depression. You may sometimes think that you are living a comfortable life. In a corner of your mind there may be stress points relating family or work. At some point of time, there may be a catalyst that brings such stress points to the fore and causes them to flare up.

In order to overcome this problem you can take various therapies from a professional therapist. Massage is one such excellent form of therapy. Therapeutic massage involves the use of essential oils, fragrances and age-old techniques that have stood the test of time. Ayurveda is one form of alternative medicine in which massage is used extensively to treat not only depression, but also other ailments.

Another alternative is to set a goal according to your capabilities. It has been observed by the professionals that many a time people set certain goals for their life. When they are not able to achieve these goals, they get depressed. It is advisable that you re-orient your goals and make them realistic and achievable.

Exercise is also a very effective alternative and can act as a powerful antidepressant. If you are not able to start an exercise program under professional guidance, then begin with walking or jogging. Outdoor activities and games can also help you to cope with depression. Spending time in the great out of doors brings us in communion with nature and we are able to appreciate life.

Other antidepressant alternatives are:

Take proper rest. In this fast-paced age, people hardly get any time to relax. Relaxing is essential as it rejuvenates us and helps us to regain our strength, vigor and vitality. A minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep every day is essential to cope with depression and stress.

Yoga is a great way to cure depression. Yogic exercises can help relieve us of a number of physical and psychological ailments. It is effective in combating stress and purifying our bodies.

Meditation is another way to combat stress. In fact, it is one of the most important and significant ways to cure depression as it helps us to increase our spirituality.