Stress Management

Good Posture helps in Managing Stress!

If your mother tells you to sit up in some particular way, she has the point. Posture makes a difference in your life and it is high time for you to experiment a nice posture.

To make an ideal posture, sitting slumping down in your chair is the best way. You need to look down at the floor on the side of your feet and hunch your shoulders in a forward position. After doing this, just notice how you feel the difference. Some people feel that they cannot breathe in a complete manner in this position while some may get a sort of depression in such a posture.

You can definitely make some further changes by sitting up on your chair and look up. Redirect your eyes in the right direction and do not move your head. You need only to redirect your eyes. Just pull your shoulders back a little. Take a note as to how you feel with this new posture. You should feel like taking a deep breath. This will give a greater oxygen supply to the brain and you will be able to think in a very positive manner. Many people feel a great level of improvement as they change or improve their posture.

Research has revealed that there is a lot of communication within the self of the individual and as much as ninety five percent of the communication becomes non verbal which is called intra personal communication. The wrong posture gives negative communication signals within self and results in a person being in the state of stress. 

A good posture will teach you more positive things about yourself with the passage of time. You will feel more confident, competent and powerful. Your communication skills with other people will be on high and people will treat you as competent, confident and a powerful person. You will find yourself stress free even in hectic schedule in a good posture.