Stress Management

Manage Stress With Your Will Power

The level of stress is rising. The types of stress are ever on increase. Grace, the mad race for secular comforts is the outcome of the materialistic civilization. Stress has become like a cobweb. You are caught into it, you want to come out of it, but do not know how to go about it.

If you have a stress sharing partner around you, may be your spouse, your best friend, a trusted relative, an understanding neighbor, they become your stress management teachers. They may share their experiences with you or silently listen to you. That will unburden your mind, and help you become a level-headed personality again.

At different levels of life, many kinds of stress bother you. Students for example, find it difficult to get over the stress of studies and periodic examinations. The load of homework gives them a lot of stress. Therefore, efforts have been made to identify the areas of stress and find out suitable remedies to meet them. Study done under stress is not likely to fructify; study done under an encouraging atmosphere makes the student a cheerful personality, and he will remember with fondness his student life, as he advances into the mainstream of life.

These days, as stress management has become a part and parcel of any professional course- small or big, certain courses have also been devised for the same. It is assumed that stress would be a part of any career, be it medical, engineering, computer or defense services. Stress management courses are taught even at the high school level to make the students tough and competitive.

The stress management teachers teach the fundamentals of stress. What it is and how to control it. An operational definition is taught. “When negative tendencies get an upper hand in your personality, you are under stress. When positive tendencies call the shots, you are naturally happy.” There are several theories of stress. To quote a few: Person, Environmental Fit Model, Demand, Control Model, Effort, Reward Model and Fight, and Flight Model.

Sources of stress are taught in detail by the stress management teachers. The subjects mostly covered in this area are, Mind-Body Dichotomy, Psycho Cybermetics and Stress, Areas of Freedom, Job Content, Work Organization, Lack of Feed Back and Social Isolation.

Stress Management teachers can only give you indications and guidelines in theory. Your stress is your property- you have to liquidate it well in time with your grit and will power!