Stress Management

Stress and Time Management

There are so many things we need to pack into a day. There is so little of time to do these things. This sums up life as we are living today. Every day that we go through is an attempt to fulfill our professional goals, meet our personal obligations, and do so in a manner that we succeed at both.

A typical day in our life would be something like getting up and taking the dog out for a walk, dropping the kids off to school and then reaching office in time. Once you reach office, there are phone calls to make, a conference to attend, lunch with a client and your day just seems to go by in a flash.

Before you know it, you are headed your way home. You realize you had to stopover to pick up something your wife had told you about a week ago. If only you had remembered before you were leaving office. It is a small issue and you can apologize to your wife and tell her you will remember tomorrow.

It is a small thing and thank god, your wife is not going to get mad. The fact is that in order to do the things we need to do in a day, we need to manage and prioritize our time. If we make a list of the things we need to do in a day, we will feel much better, because we have a greater degree of control over our life.

Time management is essential if we need to manage our personal and professional lives in way that neither of the two is ignored. It helps us to allocate the limited time that we have in a day for leisure and for work.
Making the best of our time helps us to reduce thee level of stress that we are bound to face when we find we are faced with conflicting schedules, appointments and things to do.