Stress Management

Stress Management: 3 Rules for Dealing with Difficult People

I am sure that you will encounter many a hard nut case in everyday life. Such people are very difficult to handle. They are a hurdle not only for the rest of us, but also for themselves. You are sure to encounter them daily. It becomes very difficult sometimes to deal with such people. It is because these people are difficult to reason with and are not willing to compromise or listen to you no matter what.

There are all types of people in society, today. You have to compromise and get along with so many different types in case you want to live in the same society. After all you have to get along with them on a day to day basis.  There is no point in getting worked up about how difficult it is to get along with them and how you would rather not deal with them at all.

To deal with difficult people, you need to follow three rules.

Rule 1 -
This rule categorically states that you cannot change these people and that you should not try to. In most cases it is a futile exercise which will not get you anywhere. This rule states that you can win over these people only if you change your response towards these people. After all, you cannot control their responses. However your own attitude, choices and actions are perfectly controllable.

  Rule 2-
In order to change these people, you need to play the game called I can expect that. In this case, you should expect these people to behave in a difficult way. The fact is that you wish that the people behave in the way that you want. However, that rarely happens.  A stage comes, when these people may obey you. You need to anticipate the behavior of these people.

You should have a clear prediction about the behavior of these people. This will not create a surprise in you. You will be able to anticipate their response and be prepared.

Rule 3--
You have to remember that you may also be the difficult person for others. So it is advisable to keep your own behavior also under check.