Stress Management

Stress Management and Mastery: 3 Steps to Loving What You Do

I landed up with my first job as a bag boy for a chain grocery store in winter park, Florida. Prior to this I had worked as a lawn cutter. I had become used to much hard work by this time. I dared to ask my supervisor whether it was a great offense to collapse on the first day of the job. 

After sometime, I realized that bagging groceries was not a dream job for me. I definitely wanted to learn stress management tips to become a smart and active worker.

With the passage of time, I changed the grocery job. I became a counsel and a coach. I have had less bad days in life by the grace of God. Even during the worst conditions, I try to give the best. In fact, this is my principle. I neither love to take nor love to give stress. I almost gained success with all the clients in all the jobs which I did so far.

There is an organization called OPE [other peoples conference]. This organization reduces the length of the learning curve when you take up a  new job. In this process, the person who has done a greater job with lot of experience guides you in a much better way.

The truth is that in case you achieve success in this world, you leave a mark for the new generations. The next generations will learn from your achievements. You need to study  how your predecessor or boss achieved success. You need to check the unique gifts of these persons. You also need to check their mastery over stress management techniques. You can also interact with these people on a personal basis. You can ask them to reveal their secrets for your benefit.

My father in law is an expert in purchases. I really learn many things from him. He makes complete informed decisions before signing up for the final purchase. One thing, which I really liked about him, is that he is always free of stress. I sometimes feel that he is the real master of stress management.