Stress Management

Stress Management: Never Get Too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, or Scared!

There are a lot of sources for stress and to manage it successfully is a tool called HALTS which stands for Hungry Angry Lonely Tired Scared which we should avoid getting at all costs. It could be very damaging if we do not keep ourselves away from it. HALTS can be very usefully applied for stress management and its approach is to distress you. Now we come to it step by step:

Never stay in empty stomach, hungry is one of the sources to be stressed and it comes immediately to our mind. When we feel hungry, we cannot think anything else and our mind won’t focus on anything constructive. So, it is best way to relieve from stress that we should not have an empty stomach.

Almost all of us get angry but it should not be with us for a long period of time because when we get angry constantly, it is not only bad for our health but it almost kills us. Although anger is the most common emotion and the first response to the most trying situations, we have to keep it under wraps. Since anger is always a big cause for stress and when we learn to control it, we can lead a stress-free life.

Tip: Anger generally comes from fear, frustration and hurt, so pay your attention to deal with these emotions.

Although we have invented different types of ways of communication techniques, many a time we get isolated to ourselves and feel lonely.  People are in our neighborhood but they are so phlegmatic and just keep to themselves and you cannot spend even a single hour with them.

Tip: Try to be connected with people, visit them and have talk with them. Call an old friend you have not contacted for a long time.

It is not like that we have no time for rest, but we have forgotten how to do it. Fatigue makes us isolated and we love to confine ourselves in a closed room. When it comes to take rest, the ultimate form comes to our mind is sleeping, can you remember the last time when you got the recommended 8-10 hours.

Include some hours for sleep in your schedule, put these in your appointment book and also give it the priority like other important appointments.

Scared or getting frightened is one of the great causes of stress. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, success fear and fear about the future are a few things by which our mind is stressed.

Facing fear or taking some steps to reduce it or to manage it is most important. Fear is a false notion which in the beginning appears real.Almost everybody is facing at least one or the other form of HALTS every day. Practice these tips and you might get a better life than before.