Stress Management

Avoid Stress By Avoiding The Stressors Which Cause Stress!

Are you experiencing a lot of stress in your life? Thinking of joining a club to relax? The number of stressors has been increasing over the past 10 years. There are a number of ways by which we can relax and reduce stress.

There are also a number of unnecessary stressors which we can avoid. Avoiding these stressors can definitely help to reduce stress. Of course this may require certain changes in your habits. If you consider what you will gain, then it will definitely be beneficial.
Here is the list.

1. TV
No one will believe that television is a great cause for stress. TV programming is getting to be trashier day by day. There are very few programs left which are worth watching. Advertisements leave us with a number of unsatisfied demands, aspirations and desires. This adds up to a general sense of frustration as we see want to fulfill those aspirations and desires.

Watching a funny sitcom now and then with the rest of the family could be a good idea. It would be a very good idea to limit the amount of TV that we watch.

2. News
Always read good news. Avoid the bad news! Every day almost all News channels whether on the TV or the Radio broadcast bad news. The bad news component covers approximately 90% of the total news coverage.

The rationale put forth by the news channels is that the audience needs to be constantly updated and informed. That’s okay for them to say. However bad news can be a very big stressor. Avoid the news channels which blow things out of proportion or do not report objectively. It is not only their TRP ratings, but also your stress levels which are bound to go up.

3. Arguments
Never allow any argument to spoil your attitude, mood or your day. The simple rule is to avoid an argument. Always discuss contentious issues in a constructive manner. Of course, it is easier said than done. However constant practice makes a man or woman perfect.

4. Caffeine
Avoid chocolates, coffee, cocoa, sodas or even black tea. You can substitute them with herbal tea. Chamomile tea is also good.

5. Rap or hard rock music
When you are not feeling good you can listen to music, but you should always avoid the music which has negative themes of  anger, despair, violence or any such emotion. Never listen to music which brings up unpleasant memories as it will add to your stress levels.

Stress is not always negative. It may be positive at times. If you are getting married it is a positive stress. If you are standing in line at a post office waiting to parcel something to your loved one, then the positive stress of knowing that you will make someone happy will definitely overcome the negative stress of standing in line.