Stress Management

Chronic Pain and Depression

People who  suffer from chronic depression know that chronic pain and stress go hand in hand. Chronic pain lasts for more than four to seven months. Mental disorders, undiagnosed diseases, personality traits, lack of emotional support and personal beliefs, can interrupt successful treatment of chronic disease. It is observed that depression is a major ingredient in chronic pain.

Chronic pain is commonly found in  people who are already suffering from a stressed and depressed life. Degenerative disc disease and spinal pain are the most common forms of chronic pain. Sometimes this chronic pain can worsen and become intolerable for the bearer.

According to professionals, every year thousands and thousands of people undergo a treatment for chronic pain but it cannot be treated in a fixed period. For many people chronic back pain has become their worst nightmare. Patients of chronic pain face many difficulties in their day-to-day life and experience problems in walking, moving their body parts, feel restless and lack of interest in their activities.

There is no medicine that can completely cure chronic pain. Still there are several ways to cope with chronic pain and depression.  Patients should involve themselves with various exercises to remove the depression. They should exercise under the supervision of a professional trainer or a physiotherapist who can guide them on the exercises that can help them cope up with chronic pain.

Always consult a physician about the symptoms of chronic pain, stress or depression. If any patient has symptoms like changes in sleeping patterns, changes in appetite and feelings of anxiety, the patient should immediately consult a doctor or physician. If a patient observes symptoms like back and neck pain, diffuse muscle aches, muscle tender point and sleep disturbance and fatigue, then a doctor’s advice is essential.

Many patients do not tell about their stress and depression to the physicians as they think that once the pain goes away,  stress and depression will be cured. This may not always be true. Patients must inform their physician about depression and chronic pain so that the physician can decide what type of treatment should be given to the patient. The physician will be able to study the symptoms and causes of both the pain and the depression and treat the conditions.