Stress Management

External Stressors

The environment that you live in is full of stressors. There are various elements present around you which are the cause of different types of stress. External stressors are divided into the following categories:

Air pollution: Too much of dust, nauseating odors, smoke and strong gases cause stress. If you are prone to such kind of environment, stress is but obvious.

Noise: High noise levels, shrieking sounds, unpleasant noises and over sensitivity to noise can stress you to par.

Lighting: Eyes feel strained in direct lighting. Sometimes, eyes might also feel uncomfortable in case of insufficient ultraviolet rays, which then leads to stress.

Crowdedness: If the place is overcrowded, you are likely to feel stressed. Traffic jams, congestions are some excellent stressors.

Changes: Change is the only constant thing in life. Sometimes changes that are not acceptable to you, stress you out.

Work conditions: The conditions at the workplace if, inappropriate can cause major stress.

Restrictions of rules: Rules that by which you live are sometimes rigid enough to leave you stressed. Your creativity and aesthetic interests may not find a place in the set of rules and therefore result into stress.

All you have to do is fight against these stressors, smartly so as to save yourself from getting distressed. There are certain techniques, medications as well as therapies available to ease your condition.