Stress Management

Know All About Hidden Stressors

We all suffer from stress at some or the other point in time. But, we may not be able to identify the reason of stress always. You may just find yourself nervous or find it difficult to sleep for no reason at all. Sometimes, you may even feel stressed out for months without being able to pinpoint a particular cause. The reason for such behavior, well, just may be a hidden stressor.

Put in simple words, a hidden stressor can be best described as unrecognizable or unidentifiable stressor. In fact, clinical diagnosis too may be unable to spot the reason for your stress. These hidden stressors continue to stress you out, putting your body in a fight or flight state without you getting to know the reason for the same.

Hidden stressors can affect you in more than just one way. They may put you through conflicting emotions, often making you feel uneasy. Prolonged exposure to any of these hidden stressors may even change your behavior and general attitude towards things. It may make you more irritable or recluse. People who are struggling with hidden stressors may also find it difficult to concentrate and have frequent mood swings.

While hidden stressors affect you on the mental and the psychological front, they harm you physically as well. If these hidden stressors are triggered way too often, they may cause constant weakness and fatigue. Besides, they cause wear and tear of the body, suppressing your immune system. This makes you susceptible to frequent illness.

Considering the numerous ill effects of hidden stressors, it is in your best interest that you take steps to fight them. The first step in this direction would be to spot your hidden stressors. But, how do you do that? Introspection is the answer. Look within yourself and ask yourselves as many questions as you can. Ask yourself if any particular thing is bothering you or if you are not really pleased with anything that is happening around.

Looking for answers to such questions will help you spot your hidden stressors. Once you have been able to recognize your hidden stressor, more than half the battle is already won. The next step would be to find a solution to problem. If your current job is depressing you then you may look for ways to make your job more enjoyable or look for a job change. Or if you are stressed because of some problems with a colleague or a friend, you may consider sorting it out.

Even though hidden stressors are not so evident; they do equal damage as any other stress trigger. Thus, it would only be in your interest to make conscious effort to fight them away.