Stress Management

Internal Stressors: You Carry Them All The Time!

Internal stressors lie within yourself. They are your self owned reasons for stress.  They are divided into ten categories:

Posture: Your posture can make you feel stressed. If you are required to sit or stand in a single posture for long hours then, you are very likely to get stressed.

Pace: If your job requires you to do things at an extremely fast pace, chances of getting stressed get higher. Absence of rhythm in work may also leave you stressed.

Diet: Imbalanced or insufficient diet can result in stress. You need to eat healthy to keep your mind healthy.

Addictions: Addictions such as smoking, drugs, alcohol can cause a lot of stress.

Exercise: Insufficient exercise routine can deteriorate the condition of heart and cause stress.

Psychology: What is your dictum pertaining to a particular situation? If not in tune with the prevalent trend or current happenings it can cause a lot of stress.

Spiritual contentment: If you are not content with the way life is going, you are very likely to feel stressed. If your aesthetics do not get a vent, stress is sure to take over you.

Sexual satisfaction: Unfulfilled sexual desires or limiting your sexual expression can cause a lot of frustration and lead to stress.

Personal satisfaction: If you ignore your personal interest and satisfaction, emotional stress is not far from you. Ignoring personal interest also gives an invitation to stress.

Sensory behavior: Your neurological reaction to things can also cause stress. For eg. some people feel giddy in moving vehicles. This is also a type of stress.

Explore yourself and you will be able to find out your stressor. Once you have found your stressor and identified the type of stress you are suffering from, the various medications available will come in handy. Apart from that certain therapies and techniques can also help ease your stress.