Stress Management

Know Your Stressors

There is a whole array of stressors present to make your life miserable.

Stressors could be anything as minor as a needle to anything as major as an elephant. Anything that irritates you and makes you uncomfortable is a stressor. It could even be a thought about the result of the next cricket match. The stressors define the type of stress you are suffering from.

Broadly, stressors are classified into the following categories:

A) Internal Stressors: Anything that stresses you internally is an Internal stressor. Examples are your diet, personal interests or aesthetic cravings

B) External Stressors: Anything that causes stress outside your body or in your environment is an external stressor. It could be pollution, noise or a new vehicle

C) Hidden Stressors: The stressor that you as well as your doctor are not able to identify is a hidden stressor.

D) Obvious Stressors: Experiencing a stress before deadlines is quite obvious. Such stressors are indisputable and are known as obvious stressors.

E) Automatic Stressors: These are the stressors your body itself reacts to. Sometimes you yourself are not aware of them. Such stressors are called automatic stressors.

Understanding the stressors is of prime importance in identifying your problem. Effective stress management is possible only after you have passed through the identification step. Certain stress management therapies and medications are also available to come to your rescue.