Stress Management

Stress Management: What Acute Appendicitis Taught Me about Stress

One of the symptoms of acute appendicitis that a patient may exhibit is abdominal cramps. Besides that the patient may also sweat excessively and the skin will turn pale. The entire experience of suffering from appendicitis can be stressful for the patient.
I remember the day I suffered from acute appendicitis, a few years ago. It was a horrific one for me. My wife took me to the doctor at 3 pm in the afternoon. The doctor immediately sent me for an abdominal CT scan. I was diagnosed with acute appendicitis. At around 5:30 pm the doctors wheeled me in for an emergency appendectomy. The procedure was completed by  10 pm in the evening, and the doctors  took out my appendix. After that I felt much better. The doctor advised me to take a lot of rest after surgery to overcome the stress factor on account of appendicitis.

It is indeed, very stressful to suffer from appendicitis. There is a sudden onset of very severe pain. Under the circumstances, the patient should have a support group which can help in coping with the stress. One thing to remember is that the patient needs to make a couple of adjustments in case of stress. Sometimes problems do come upon us all of a sudden and out of the blue. There is no point in panicking or running away from the problem or taking it personally. Deal with the problem, head on.

The person suffers severe stress at the time of appendicitis. The person often feels as to why he landed in such an adverse situation. The main thing is to overcome the calamity. Stress will definitely take place in case you fail to tackle the problem. Remember, stress is a hidden enemy. Stress needs proper attention and timely awareness. When the situation of stress arises, the person is prone to react and not so sensibly at times. In case you cope with stress without any fear, you are definitely in the safe zone. You need to pay attention to the slightest incident that may cause stress. Be determined and overcome it.