Stress Management

Stressors – Both External or Internal Occupy your Body and Mind!

There are several agents that cause stress in a person and they are called stressors. These stressors can be put in two broad categories as internal and external stressors. There are a lot of sources of external stressors around you, however, in internal stressors, it becomes very difficult to trace the source.

Man is a free spirit by nature and does not want himself to be controlled by an external element called stress. Anything which hampers his freedom creates stress. In external stressors, they create an environment of perceived threat and the main targets of these threats are the minds and bodies. A lot of research has been going on for the past 15 years in the area of external stressors and it has been found that external stressors have deep rooted effects on your body and mind. They can affect your work at home and office and even can hamper your image in social circles.

External stress results in happiness and lack of contentment. For instance, consider the example of home which can be made a house of happiness or a den of stress. It all depends on you as to how you can control the external elements. In case, you cannot manage to achieve the targets at your workplace, the external stress factor will increase.

Internal stressors, on the other hand, are highly dangerous and difficult to overcome. These are the stressors that are stored in the body and mind for years. These stressors find their existence in the form of genetic loading and they are caused due to restrictions imposed by your parents and teachers from time to time. These internal stressors remain in our bodies in the form of emotions.

In the internal stressors, the emotions reside in the body in the form of neuro chemicals. These neuro chemicals are called neuropeptides and the patterns of these chemicals are laid in the graphic designs of our cell. The patterns are so laid that it becomes hard to delete these patterns from the system.