Stress Management

Frustrations, Conflicts and Pressures- The Real Stressors

Different people get stressed due to different reasons. While some may get stressed due to financial woes, there are other who battle stress due to extreme work pressure. Though there are numerous factors that can contribute to stress, they can be broadly categorized into three main categories. These are frustrations, conflicting situations and pressures. Let us take a closer look at each of these stressor types.


This is one of the most common factors that builds up to stress. Typically, most people feel frustrated when they are unable to achieve a goal or certain needs. As a result, the person tends to feel de-motivated and unenthusiastic. People who are frustrated for a long time tend to deal with feelings of incompetence and low self worth.

A person may deal with various kind of frustrations. Some frustrations can be attributed to environmental or external factors. For instance, experience of any kind of discrimination or death of a loved one can lead to frustration. There are some frustrations such as individual limitations that are more of internal nature.

We all deal with some or the other kind of pressure in everyday life. For instance, a working individual may have to deal with pressure at work. On the other hand, high profile celebs are constantly dealing with the pressure of looking good all the time. These pressurizing situations often end up in stress.

Pressure can exist both at internal as well as external levels. When a person is being pushed to intensify his/her course of activity due to external factors, it is termed as external pressure. An example of this could be a child being pushed by his parents to work harder for the exams. Some times, the pressure can be internal where in an individual is pushing himself/herself to achieve something.

Conflicting situations

Conflicting situations are yet another important cause of stress as seen in many individuals. A conflict can exist both at the internal as well as the external level, which leads to stress. External conflicts refer to any kind of clash or conflict with family, peers, friends and the like.

On the other hand, internal conflicts refer to a conflict within an individual's mind. Internal conflicts typically occur when an individual is made to choose between two or more options. This leaves the individual in a state of dilemma, straining the mind. As a result of mental strain, the individual concerned is bound to be stressed.

If you are stressed, then chances are that the reasons of your stress fall in one of the above mentioned categories. Spot the reason for your stress and you will be able to deal with the problem in a much better manner.