Stress Management

An Alternative To Stress Test

Nuclear stress test is a kind of stress test in which certain drugs are used to influence the flow of blood to heart and in order to analyse the effect of exercise that could have been done in absence of these medicines. As stress test is meant to know the condition of heart and blood circulation, same stress is created through medication when treadmill exercise doesn't seem feasible for a patient.

Patients with some medical problems must not be allowed to go for treadmill exercises such as arthritis patients. In such cases nuclear stress test is recommended. Nuclear medicines that are used for nuclear stress test are adenosine, dobutamine or persantine. The medicine is given with a radio isotope to examine the blood flow towards the heart. The radioactive substances are usually thallium-201 or technetium-99m sestamibi.

The test needs electrodes on the chest to give EKG signal. EKG is recorded at rest as well as at maximum exercises condition.Blood pressure, hear rate and rhythm are analysed by doctor. Medicine is injected through a needle in arm vein. Then isotope is injected at peek exercising effects.Once isotopes are in the blood, images are recorded. After the first test a wait for around hours is must. After enough resting to the heart, a 2nd set of images are taken. For the second round of test, "booster" injection of the isotope is needed. Then doctor makes comparison of images and result of test is ascertained.

Thallium-201 is the most commonly used isotope. It helps in taking clear images.Sometimes a combination of 2 isotopes are obtained to trigger off the function and blood supply pictures. This process does not need the four hour period for rest. You must not not eat or drink before the test for a few hours. Regular medication could be taken while test is on but if you happen to take theophylline and aminophylline for breathing, it should be better stopped 24 hours in advance.Physical stress and other kind of stresses may result in heart ailment. Anxiety and stress often give way to it. Proper health management and stress reduction are essential to keep your heart healthy. For heart patients, it is essential to know stress management tips and certain stress management techniques. Personal stress management is of vital importance in preventing heart disease.