Stress Management

Anxiety Panic Attacks

People who suffer from anxiety panic attacks swear that it is one of the most debilitating of disorders. Anxiety panic attacks can interfere with and impair the normal functioning of an individual. Anxiety is a part of our life and millions of people suffer from this disorder every year.

Anxiety panic attacks are sudden and unnerving and restrict you from enjoying life. There may be no apparent reason for the onset of such an attack. It is highly advisable to seek professional counseling before the problem goes out of hand.

Anxiety originates because of certain experiences in our lives. One of its symptoms is that you get anxious without a reason and have a constant feeling that something bad is going to happen. When you are anxious, you have irrational fears about being able to handle a situation or socially interact in a proper manner. 

The physical  symptoms of an anxiety panic attack are racing heartbeat, breathlessness, trembling and feeling of choking, nausea, dizziness, stress, heart palpitations, chest pain, distress, excessive sweating, and hot flashes amongst others. One can also experience the fear of going crazy and the fear of death when an anxiety panic attack occurs.

However, fortunately there are number of methods, techniques and medications to treat anxiety panic attacks. Prescription drugs are the first thing that people consider when they have a panic attack. However, such medicines only provide temporary relief. The best sort of medication is a combination of prescription drugs and behavioral therapies.

Apart from that, there are some natural methods to relieve anxiety. One of the first steps would be to organize yourself and manage your time in a proper manner. You should try to think in a positive manner and control your negative emotions as much as possible.

Deep breathing exercises are other steps to follow when you experience anxiety attacks. You can control symptoms like dizziness, breathlessness and others by following deep breathing exercises. Meditation is another form of therapy that can help you to control anxiety disorders. Mediation helps you to control your thought processes and is a great form of self-help.

Taking professional help is another option you can have to tackle anxiety panic attack. In fact, your physician would be in a better position to judge your condition and prescribe medication or a therapy or a combination of the two.  In case you are taking prescription drugs to treat anxiety disorders then follow the doctor’s advice religiously and to the letter.