Stress Management

Are You Stressed?

Countless problems, day to day pressures, deadlines, hectic lifestyles, demanding work schedules….all of this cumulates into stress. Since stress has become a common phenomenon these days, many people have accepted stress as a part of life. However, stress is no way to live life. If not treated on time, stress can affect the day to day life of an individual. Thus, it becomes important that you identify stress at earlier stages and deal with the problem. But, how do you know if you are stressed? Well, here are several symptoms of stress that will help you recognize if you are a victim of the problem.

Emotional symptoms
* Moodiness. People experiencing stress have frequent mood swings. They feel happy in one instant and depressed in the very next moment.
* Irritability. Being irritated every now and then for no reason at all is also a common sign of stress.
* Tensed and unable to relax. Those suffering from stress constantly have racing thoughts in their head and are unable to put their mind to rest and relax.
* Feeling of loneliness. Even if surrounded by countless people, stress victims always find themselves lonely.
* Unhappy attitude. People suffering from stress are always unhappy for some or the other reason and are never satisfied with their lives.

Physical symptoms
* Pains. Back ache, pain in the calve muscles and shoulders could be a result of stress.
* Constipation. Stress often leads to hard bowels that subsequently cause constipation.
* Dizziness. Stress taxes the body and makes it weak which causes dizziness.
* Declined sexual inclination. Most people experiencing stress have a reduced sex drive.

Behavioral symptoms
* Eating more or less. Stress sufferers either eat way too much or do not feel hungry at all.
* Lack of sleep or excessive sleeping. Whilst some stress sufferers sleep excessively in an attempt to relax themselves, there are others who are unable to sleep because of the constant racing thoughts in their mind.
* Isolation. People who deal with stress often isolate themselves from their immediate environment.
* Alcohol, ciggaratees or use of other Habit forming substances. Stress sufferers often take up to these habits to overcome stress.

Cognitive symptoms
* Memory loss. Individuals who suffer from stress have a problem remembering things.
* Poor concentration. Stress does not allow the brain to function properly and results in an inability to concentrate.
* Pessimistic attitude. Stress victims have negative opinions, thoughts and attitude about everything.
* Indecisive nature. Those who deal with stress have problem in coming to a sound decision.

If you suffer from few of these symptoms, then may be you are suffering from stress. It is important that you figure out the cause of stress and deal with the problem right at the start to avoid further complications.