Stress Management

Stress and High Blood Pressure

Stress is a means provided by nature to enable man to respond to environmental factors. From the days of early man when man responded to the sight of a woolly mammoth, stress has been a means to condition men to either fight or take flight. Over a period of time we have learnt to

The external factors that influence stress have changed. The responses still remain the same.  Stress is an influence that conditions our body to face a particular situation in a particular way. If we have to face our boss and explain to him about why a sales target could not be met or speak in public for the first time, then our body conditions our mind accordingly.

Stress works by increasing the level of certain hormones such as adrenalin that increases our heartbeat and blood pressure. Job strain definitely has an adverse and direct affect on our blood pressure. We may influence our blood pressure further by the way we react to stress. We may also respond to stress by smoking or eating unhealthy foods and drinking. These factors further contribute to an increase in blood pressure.

A recent study illustrated that employees of customer service oriented companies such as call centers and flight attendants were under a great deal of stress and had high blood pressure. If stress is bottled up and we do not take corrective action then it affects our blood pressure even further.

The key lies in learning how to manage stress. Either that or we find a safe way by which we can release stress. One way to do so is exercise. Exercise conditions our body by increasing the strength of our heart and releasing mood-enhancing endorphins.

Stress is something that we should learn to control and utilize in a positive manner, instead of letting it affect us in an adverse way.