Stress Management

Stress Management: Psychic Numbness

Psychic numbness is a form of stress. In the World War 1, it was called shellshock. In World War II it was referred to as combat fatigue. There was another name given to it after the Vietnam War. After It was called as  post traumatic stress disorder or simply PTSD.

There are certain characteristics which identify a person who has been traumatized and is affected by PSTD.  These symptoms or characteristics are common to some people who have faced trauma in one way or the other in their life. These people have experienced stress in their emotions.

In the stressful society that we are living in today, people live in a constant state of trauma. This leads them to a new post modern PSTD. The people of the present world have an access to lot of traumatizing information on a daily basis. As per statistics by George Washington University, there were 6500 negative news items and only 370 positive ones over a period of 100 days. These statistics are really alarming.

People today are excessively bombarded about information on calamities. This leads to stress. As there is an overdose of information, it leads to a state called psychic numbness. In this case, when the person is subject to a large amount of stimuli, the stress level of the person goes up. This leads to  major problem as people, in this state, become restless in case of extraordinary events. This restlessness creates helplessness. Helplessness leads people to the state of nervousness, anxiety and isolation. These people become loners that are lost in the world of stress.

You need to take a set of steps to combat stress and trauma. The prime symptoms are a sense of isolation, psychic numbness and a sense of helplessness.  There is a general sense of impotence, about not being able to take any action.

In this state, thoughts of past traumatic events recycle in the troubled person’s mind again and again. The solution to overcome this problem is to live in strong harmony with close associates and well wishers.