How to Destress

Assertion- The Way To Manage Stress

Want to manage stress? Changing your mindset is the first step that you need to take in the direction. Assertions help you with this. They change your attitude towards things and help you ward off stress.

What Are Assertions?
Assertions are nothing but the art of implementing a positive thinking process. More than often, it is the way a person thinks that determines whether he/she is stressed or not. If a person is constantly thinking negative thoughts, he/she is bound to be stressed. On the other hand, positive thoughts help one look at the good side of things and remain stress free. Assertions help change the negative thoughts into positive ones and stay stress free.

How can I use assertions?
Since assertion is primarily the task of changing your mindset, you will need a lot of inner dialogue to do this. You need to talk things out to yourself. Every time you are faced with a situation, you will have a thought in your mind. In case, this thought is negative, you need to replace it with a positive one by assertion.

For those who have a negative mindset, short constructive sentences that challenge the existing beliefs may prove helpful. It is quite similar to self brainwashing. But then an individual needs to be careful about which beliefs, he/she wants to replace.

Initially, this may seem like going against yourself. People who are slightly egoistic may even have trouble implementing positive assertions. But as you keep on repeating implying positive assertions, you will have lesser problem accepting newer thoughts.

Once you have replaced the negative thought with a positive one, you will need to repeat the positive thought to yourself over and over again. Eventually, these positive assertions seep into your mind, changing the way you react to situations. So, the next time you are faced with a similar situation, you will not be stressed.

How Do Assertions Help Manage Stress?
Assertions help change your attitude and behavior towards things. They replace all your negative thoughts with positive ones, which in turn changes the way you react to situations. For example, you may get really irritated and think bad of your boss every time he nags you. An assertion could change the irritation and negative thinking into a positive thought like the boss's nagging will help you become better.

So, the next time the individual is nagged again by the boss, the positive assertion that he has instigated in his mind will resurface. This time around the individual will not be stressed. Instead, he shall feel good that he is being improved upon every day.

Thus, assertions change the behavior and mental attitude of a person helping him/her wad off stress.