How to Destress

Know How Tai Chi Helps Relieve Stress

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art technique. It brings complete harmony of mind and body within the self and also with the surrounding environment. It is a skill that an exponent can master after years of constant concentration and practice. However when practiced regularly Tai Chi can help ordinary people relieve stress in their lives.

Tai Chi and the Stress Reduction Connection

Tai Chi is part of martial arts and is especially useful for relieving stress. Its guiding principle is that you can concentrate and defend yourself better in a martial arts fight when you stay relaxed and are completely aware of yourself and all your surroundings. Tai Chi does not use power or force to help you defend yourself successfully in a martial arts fight. It uses gracefully flowing simple body movements and technique.

How do you use Tai Chi?

In Tai Chi, you use about 100 gently flowing dance-like movements akin to those in a slow paced ballet. It teaches you how to concentrate your mind in making completely matched and controlled comparatively low-intensity body movements.

This concentration and the interest it generates help you to achieve poise, harmony, reduced stress, and peace in life. There are no great leaps or body contortions required to be performed in practicing Tai Chi. So, persons of any age or having chronic diseases and different fitness levels can practice it.

How Tai Chi Helps To Reduce Stress?

In Tai Chi, achieving complete harmony between the mind and body is the first priority through controlled breathing. It is because once your mind and body are in complete harmony with one another it clearly means that both are relaxed and in tune with each other. This helps an exponent to fully concentrate with focus on where it should be.

This united mind-body concentration is very much necessary in performing a sequence of graceful controlled body movements in Tai Chi. Because of this you are able to perform one exercise form that flows gracefully into the next without any pause in-between.

It is very much interesting also for most people to perform body movements in Tai Chi. You hardly will feel you are performing an exercise. It is more of a graceful dance movement so you can easily concentrate all your attention in performing it. This helps reduce the tension in your mind and the stress in your body through diversion.

Tai Chi is just like meditation and Yoga as it too emphasizes breathing technique. However, it is something more than these because of better coordination between mind and body that are achieved through it. The control on breathing technique in Tai Chi serves to reduce your anxiety and depression, besides having a good effect on your blood pressure.

It not only helps you achieve stress reduction, but even improves your coordination, balance, and your sleep. Moreover, it enhances your cardiovascular fitness, your muscle strength, and performance.