How to Destress

A Handbook to Deal with Daily Stressors

There are different types of stressors that affect us. While there is no way these stressors can be avoided, there is definitely a way in which they can be dealt with. While in some cases it might be easy to deal with more than one stressor at the same time, on other occasions they require individual attention.

Daily Stress:
Daily stress is a result of a few things- wrong planning of things, wrong implementation, whiling away of time, high aspirations from life and other factors. Dealing with daily stress, thus, depends a lot on the following:

* Planning out things on a day to day basis.
* Ensuring that your plans are implemented.
* Avoiding all sources of distraction.
* By remaining physically fit.
* Improving your mood through doing things which you like the most.
* Being simply what/who you are.
* Have a good night's sleep.

Job Related Stress:
There are various factors present at your workplace which add to your stress. These can include an annoying boss, others passing their responsibilities and work-load to you, a noisy AC, or even an unsupportive or incompetitive subordinate staff. These stressors can be dealt with either individually or together.

While there is nothing that to be done about a nagging boss (changing job is the only answer), you can say no to what others are giving to you. Do the following when you find yourself under job related stress:

* Avoid excessive workload by saying "No" often.
* Do not accept incompetence and take such people to task.
* Shift your weight around and delegate some responsibilities to others.
* Appreciate if some does good work for you; this would reduce stress in other people's life as well.
* Give up on the idea of being a perfectionist. Nobody is perfect.

Stress in Personal Relationships:
Stress from relationships has started to appear more regularly than previously observed. The factors leading to it are numerous. Handle them in the following manner:

* Voice out your own concerns in a relationship. Allow your partner to do the same as well. On most occasions it is lack of proper communication which increases stress in relationship. Prolonged silence has the ability to even wreck relationships.
* If you are workaholic, stop being that and spend some time with your partner. Take a vacation or simply spend a day or so in each other's company.
* Engage your partner in activities which would force you to come closer to each other (cooking, dusting, shopping and other chores).
* Making love is a great way to destress each other and diffuse the tension in between. Do that at least twice a week.