How to Destress

Exercise to De-stress

Exercises not only help to keep the body fit but also provide relief from stress. There are various forms of exercise. Each form exercises the mind, spirit or body or a combination of the three. Yoga is the perfect example of an exercise form that helps to de-stress and exercises our mind and body and awaken our soul.

There are a number of exercises that help us to deal with stress. Stress management programs incorporate such exercises and help participants to deal with stress. Exercise helps to us to feel better about ourselves. Vigorous exercise releases feel good hormones that help to alleviate our mood. There is nothing like a burst of exercise to make us sleep better and feel refreshed when we wake up.

One form of exercise is called aerobics. It is a very intensive form of exercise that is helpful in relieving us of stress. It makes the heart pump blood vigorously through the body and it releases endorphins a chemical that has an effect similar to morphine and other opiates. Aerobics is an intensive form of exercise that you should start only after consulting your doctor, especially if you know that you suffer from hypertension or any cardiovascular problem.

Walking is one form of exercise that can be recommended for anyone who wishes to reduce weight, reduce stress and improve overall health and fitness. Continuous brisk walking for around 30 to 45 minutes in a day is a great way to keep your self in good health. Walking also helps you to remove stress and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Fresh air is necessary for every one to lead a healthy life. If a person can manage to exercise in a natural environment then the benefits of exercise are multiplies many times. Working out in natural surrounding with a lot of greenery and fresh air helps you to feel better about yourself and it raises your self-esteem. Working out or doing just about any sort of exercise exposes you to the beneficial rays of the sun.

Different people prefer different environment for exercise. Some people like to walk alone; some want the company of friends. One should always choose the best suitable environment and work out in that environment. It will definitely help in reducing the level of stress.

Stretching exercises are also helpful in getting relief from the stress. These exercises stimulate receptors in the nervous system that are responsible for the lifting the mood. These exercises also help in warming up the body before starting with any heavy exercises and in removing fatigue.

Different yoga exercises involve the body, mind and spirit. It helps in increasing the flexibility of the body and enables  the person to take on work without any trouble. Yoga has various breathing exercises that help to oxygenate our body and mind.

Besides exercise, there are a number of other techniques that help to reduce stress. Ayurvedic massages, hot, cold baths, and oil based massages also help to reduce stress.

It is always advisable to exercise under the supervision of professional trainer and after consulting your physician. Doing so will help you to prevent making mistakes and exercising in a scientific and phased manner.