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Herbs for Anxiety

Anxiety affects the daily life of a person. It disrupts normal life and can be very debilitating. You should be comfortable with the idea of taking prescription drugs to treat whatever form of anxiety you are suffering from. These prescription drugs may have a number of side effects. Fortunately, there are other alternatives available. These alternatives have little or no side effects.

These alternatives are in the form of herbs. Herbs have been found to be effective in reducing stress because of anxiety. The herbs, which are used for relieving stress and anxiety, have little or no side effect.

With the ever-increasing number of anxiety cases, the need is for medicines, which do not have a number of side effects. Although it is advisable, you do not have to take professional advice to use any of these herbs. Some of these herbs have potent anti-anxiety capabilities.

1. Valerian is one of the best herbs. It has been in use for a long time. This herb helps in curing insomnia and mild anxiety. The effects of this drug are visible even after a short duration of use.
It is effective even after a short shown to have treated anxiety when taken for a short span of time. 

2. Kava is another herb known for its anti-anxiety effects. Generally, it is employed for curing anxiety and inducing sleep. However, you are not encouraged to take it for a long period. 

3. Another herb that calms your nerves during anxiety is Bugleweed. However, it is always better to take it with linden flowers or lime.

4. Another anxiety herb is California poppy. It is a powerful herbal tranquilizer.

5. Catnip is another anxiety herb. It is a nerve tonic, which is also used to soothe upset stomachs.

6. Another anxiety herb is Chamomile. This too is a nerve tonic and treats anxiety and upset stomachs.  

7. Feverfew is one of the herbs for anxiety that soothes your nerves and allays anxiety-induced migraines.

8. Ginkgo Biloba is an herb that is known to raise the mood of the depressed by improving blood circulation to the brain.

9. Peppermint is also a superb herb for your frazzled nerves or upset stomach.

10. Skullcap is another precious herb that helps you to combat anxiety, stress and tension. Taken at bedtime to encourage sleep, it helps in blocking panic attacks at night.

Apart from the above, there are other herbs for anxiety and herbal combinations, which are found to be effective in treating anxiety. Due to their effectiveness and minimal side effects, herbs for anxiety have become greatly popular in recent times. Certainly, they do not possess the side effects of prescription drugs.