How to Destress

How to Worry Less? A Few Tips to Help You Survive Psychologically

The two most worrying factors in the lives of people are job insecurity and personal relationships. Here are a few things you can do if you are experiencing worries from any of the above mentioned factors.

Worries Pertaining to Job Insecurity
The first thing that you should admit is that your job would never be secure. Hence, you can begin with that as a premise to stop worrying about your present job. Who knows when recession may hit the economy or your company? If you can do this then there is no need to worry further.

For those who do not want to believe in the impermanence of permanence need to look at other things in order to stop worrying. First thing first, they should be intelligent enough to assess the situation of the company in which they are working. Office grapevine and other similar means could be employed in order to know when and who would get the pink slip. If you are in the line then either you attempt to transform your employer's opinion about you or start rummaging through the "Situations Vacant" column.

Understand that Darwin's law holds true in every realm of the world. You need to evolve in order to survive. Hence, do not hesitate to acquire new skills and qualifications. This would help you to avoid getting sacked. However, do not try to be a perfectionist in whatever job you pick up. This would only add to your misery.

Worries Pertaining to Personal Relationships
Due to numerous factors, personal relationships have come under a lot of strain. The stress caused can start sudden fights which can often snowball into a heated argument. The result may be either a heated exchange of words or actions (which we might regret later on) or a complete shut down or refusal to participate in a conversation. Things would get worse if either of the two is the case.

The best way to avoid worries coming out of such and other situations is through opening up a proper channel for communication. Without communication fear and worries would only go on increasing and would cripple your ability to concentrate upon other important things in life. Talking helps in sorting out issues and there is nothing which can not be sorted out.

Exercising control over one's emotions is something which you need to learn in order to negotiate for a successful relationship. It can not always happen that you will win the fight. Sometimes you would lose it and there are occasions when it is best to lose for the sake of your relationship. Stay focused. Try to think rationally. Do not allow emotions of any type to overwhelm you.

The Remedy
Thus the best way to fight worries and stress is through deep breathing. With each and every breath, try to relax different parts of your body. Take in a lung full of air and allow blood to flow freely into your veins. Try to sense this movement filling your body. You will definitely benefit from it.