How to Destress

Minimize Stress in Your Life

Here are some simple tips to cope up with  stress.

Lower your expectations and  you will suffer less disappointment. Do not be a perfectionist and accept things as they are. You will be more relaxed and will experience less stress.

Do not rush in always to say yes. Learn to say no, in a very polite, calm and kind manner. Take time to think things out and inform people that you will get back to them. Doing so will help you to make an informed decision and be accurate with your answers.

Don't over work, do one thing at a time. If you are racing, so is your heart. Make a list of tasks which you need to accomplish and prioritize your work accordingly.  Enjoy what you are doing and the results of your efforts will come in automatically.
Many people just go to bed desperate to fall asleep as quickly as possible, and suffer the frustration of wakefulness. Before you go to sleep just relax, breath in deeply and slowly and feel glad that your body is resting.

Laugh as much as you can, laughing is the best medicine to cope up with stress. The chemicals released when we laugh are the best form of natural medicine. If you passed through stress during the day then make sure that you will relax in the evening, try to watch a comedy show or film. If you want to take a 30 second holiday these are some funny videos you can go through at

When your body needs rest, make sure that you do rest. Never feel guilty about resting.  Try to take some time off, get out in the fresh air, and get outside during your lunch hour. Spend some time in a garden or try to spend some time near flowers. Involve yourself with nature and feel your tension dissipate from you for a while at least.

Think today is yours, the past is already past. We can’t change that but we can do the best for the future. So live for the present and make the most of it. Be creative and do everything what can you now.