How to Destress

Options Galore For Stress Relief!

When it comes to stress relief, you may have to try many different options before you find one that works for you. For lots of people a nice bubble bath, a glass of wine, or some light music does the trick. Other people have very complicated lives and find it difficult to wind down after a long day. I have found that active meditation is a good way to deal with daily stress.

Active meditation means that you are fully conscious and aware of what you are doing even when you are doing very mundane tasks. This means that you will fully embrace the texture of each moment even while brushing your teeth or washing dishes. I have found that active meditation provides mean with a great deal of stress relief because I am learning to calm myself while muddling through the everyday tasks of life.

Most of us cannot afford to see a psychologist once a week in order to deal with stress. If your friends or loved ones are unavailable to help you, you may have to be your own best friend and psychologist. Unlike distractions such as a glass of wine, active meditation does not allow you to put off your stress but rather lets it exist while you channel yourself through it and away from it.

I use active meditation every day while doing chores or other repetitive activities. I think that active meditation provides great stress relief because it allows you to fully connect with yourself without checking out from the real world. Stress relief is not something you can buy. Stress relief is something you learn. If you make a conscious effort to practice meditating actively every day you will notice a marked improvement in your stress levels and how it affects you on a daily basis.

Try the common routes of stress relief such as aromatherapy candles, bubble baths and soothing music. You may find that one of these options works better for you than others. I know a lot of people that get a great deal of stress relief by exercising. Although this is not my favorite option, you might give it a try before crossing it off of your list.

All of our lives are full of stress and most people find it difficult to find reliable stress relief. If you have tried hiking, swimming, getting a massage and forms of meditation, I recommend that you try talking. Many of us get most of our stress relief by opening up and venting our frustrations to others and if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it, I highly recommend writing instead.