How to Destress

Stress Management Tips: Travel To Your Amusement

Come traveling to the end of land. And you have come to the end of stress. How does this happen? Nature knows it best. Traveling is a good anti-dote to stress. Traveling or taking extensive walks on beaches is a good treatment for stress. You will be relieved of stress- at least temporarily.

 But you can not take traveling simply as a panacea for stress. The purpose of your traveling is important. If you are traveling to attend an important business conference, or a meeting to push up sales target, your stress is not going to decrease. On the contrary, it may increase. If the travel is linked to holidays, and you are in the company of your family members or a team of friends then it will definitely help to de-stress your mind.

Do not have definite appointment with your travel plans. Definite appointments may lead to definite disappointments. In this modern age, traveling is full of uncertainties, in spite of your best preparations for the travel. There are circumstances beyond control. This holiday plan can add more to your stress. The weather may play taunt! Inordinate delays in the departure time of your destination plane- even cancellation sometimes! Be prepared for these eventualities and accept them as a part of the game. Enjoy those inconveniences! You have mastered the stress when you know how to convert suffering into enjoyment. Be calm in dealing with any unexpected situations.

Just enjoy your travel like a free bird flying in the sky! Even try to forget that you are traveling to remove your stress. Let the stress depart on its own. If you are willfully thinking about its departure, it will again be another source of stress. Your mode of travel is also important. Sometimes, long train journeys in lower class categories are more enjoyable than a journey in an isolated coupe of I class.

I know that you can reach a particular destination by air within 3 hours. But, if you reach the same destination in 36 hours, and the train is late by another 6 hours, and in those 42 hours, if you have interacted with dozens of persons and have engaged in lively conversation with some of them, its an accomplishment enough to mitigate the stress.

In such a confusing and enjoyable atmosphere, your compressed stress will begin to ask you, “where have you brought me? I can't be associated with you anymore. Release me from your mental block. I wish to quit your company for ever.”