How to Destress

Top 10 Ways to Lead a Life Sans Stress

Not all stress is bad. Some of it is required to help us grow in to better human beings. It keeps us motivated to do things in life and keep moving on. So, to imagine a life completely free from stress is just not possible.

But, what you have to take care about is that you do not let stress take over you like anything! Unhealthy eating, smoking, stressful and long working hours and less of exercising often lead to situations where you find yourself drained out of all kinds of energies. It is then that you need to do something to get back in pace. Just try out a few things and you would find yourself living a lot lighter life! Try out the following one at a time and watch you getting all geared up to handle stress as it comes:

Keep it short & simple. Do not just enter in to anything. Make only the essential commitments. This would help you have a fairly simple schedule. You must remember that a hectic schedule causes the maximum stress so, try and keep it short and simple.

Go Creative. Write poetry, draw pictures, play guitar or piano, make a new flower bed in your garden or do anything creative. It will help you overcome stress.

You have just one brain and two hands. So you must not try doing many things at a time. In this way you would end up doing nothing. Take one task at a time and let not the distractions like phone calls, messages or email notifications trouble you while you are up to the work. Concentrate on one task at a time.

Move your body baby! Take up exercise, yoga, jogging, aerobics, running or walking. The idea is that you have to get yourself moving each day by taking up any of these.

It's all about money, honey! Money if not managed well could be a great source of stress. So, it is very important that you manage your finances well so that you do not end up spending more than what you can afford.

One month=one healthy habit. Commit to yourself at least one healthy habit each month. Either take up healthy eating or quit smoking or stop taking alcohol. You could even take up something as simple as eating only healthy snacks for a complete month.

Blast it out! It is very important to have a few moments each day that are filled with fun and enthusiasm and absolutely no stress! Play with kids or have a fiery session with your partner, whatever soothes your nerves the best!

Calm yourself. Do anything that gives you a sense of calmness. It could be anything like taking a nap or going for w walk or drive. Every now and then you need such peace sessions to calm your senses.

Be ahead of time. Let not time take over you. Try and start early for every work so that you reach more than in time. It will help you have spare time and also avoid any hustle bustle.

Remove the unwanted. Come to your room and remove away all the things that may not be required and may just be filling up your room unnecessarily. Once you are through you will notice that you have more space to breathe and work in.