Coping With Stress

Myoview Stress Test

Myoview stress test is a stress test that is conducted to find presence of coronary artery disease. In fact, the test is a stress test on treadmill because of Myoview, which is the radio active tracer substance, that helps detect coronary muscle's inactivity through gama camera pictures or through other ways of taking images. Myoview is a radio active salt solution, that has probably no allergy associated with itself. It has been hardly found to be resulting in side effects. To know more about stress tests, read myoview stress test

Once the person undergoing Myoview stress test speeds up the speed of the treadmill terrain for peak exercise, Myoview is injected intravenously. Myoview travels through the vein and enters into the heart through coronary artery, and if the coronary artery muscles take very little blood, or blood supply is a bit slow, that's the indication of coronary artery disorder. Exercise on treadmill is simply done to increase blood circulation.

Once you arrive for the Myoview stress test, you are put to exercise on treadmill. Then Myoview is injected. First set of pictures are taken of your heart, which will take 20 minutes. Electrocardiogram is monitored constantly while you are on the treadmill. Myoview is injected at the last stage of exercise, that is the peak of workout on a treadmill. When this minute of exercise is complete, the treadmill is stopped and post-exercise ECG's are obtained.

This Myoview stress test depicts the fact, that heart could be damaged by physical stresses, as physical stresses tend to affect blood circulation. It is just because of that, the coping stress is an ordeal for cardiac patients. People with cardiac problem may seek refuge in natural stress relief options. Anxiety and stress should be better curbed for the safety of heart. For stress reduction, heart patients must be given information on stress management tips and stress management techniques. They should also be told about various stress management games.