Coping With Stress

Say Good Bye To Stress With Stress Balls

A number of personal stress relieving tools are available in the market. These tools are great for people who work in a mentally demanding environment where the creativity of a person is regularly challenged. Such high pressure work environments induce a lot of stress and this is where stress balls come in.

Generally, stress balls are yellow colored and made of rubber or some soft material that can be pressed and easily retakes their ball shape. They also feature a smiley face. While most of the people are aware of the capabilities of these balls in stress management, these balls also provide a number of other benefits, some of which might not be directly related to stress but help you lead a healthy life nonetheless.

Enhance overall clarity of mind
The stress balls are a great way to clear your mind. They help divert all you frustration and extra energy to the ball and away from the things which would have otherwise increased the tension and stress in your mind. They help you calm your mind and get rid of stray thoughts. You become more focused as the brain is cleared clean of unwanted thoughts.

Acupressure is ancient medicinal system from far east. It involves various pressure points of your body. Calculated pressure is applied to these pressure points to help you get rid of various maladies and stay healthy. The pressure points of various vital organs are on the palms. Thus, by applying pressure on these points, a stress ball acts like an acupressure therapist and strengthens various important organs of the body.

Booster for your circulatory system
Rapidly closing and opening your fist is a great way to enhance your overall blood pressure, so that it remains in normal levels. If you use these stress balls on a regular basis, it causes the same effect as would have been caused by this opening and closing of fists. This makes use of a stress ball as a booster for your circulatory system.

Ensuring a peaceful sleep
It has been observed that people who use stress balls on a regular basis tend to sleep better than the people who do not. A clear mind is the best thing you can have to get a peaceful sleep. A calm and peaceful sleep that is long enough (at least eight hours in summer and six hours in winter) helps you keep both- your mind and body in perfect condition.

Helpful in Arthritis
A number of people have reported that the regular use of a stress relief ball has comforted them in the arthritis related prob-lems. This advantage can be derived because of the various Acupressure related benefits of using stress balls.