Coping With Stress

About Stress Level Tests

Stress is in many ways a normal manifestation of human behavior. Some level of stress is necessary and is in many ways essential to carry out everyday tasks. It is only when stress levels become unmanageable that we should think in terms of getting professional help to manage the stress.

A stress level test is basically an aid designed to assess whether an individual is undergoing stress and to determine at the same time the level of stress. The stress test may ask certain questions about circumstances relating to financial, marital, work and other similar situations. The level of stress is determined based upon the response to the questions.

There are various forms of stress tests. Some of the tests work on presence of physical symptoms of stress, whereas others may work on actual circumstances. These stress tests are a tool in the hands of clinical psychiatrists and mental health workers that are an aid in diagnosis. People react differently to stress. Some people develop cold feet and have the typical butterflies in the stomach sensation. Others develop insomnia, body ache and a rise in body temperature.

The fact is that theses tests are just aids and are not a cure for stress or the sole means by which a diagnosis is made.

Stress tests are available online too. These tests can be taken by individuals who wish to determine their level of stress. Needless to say, the reliability of the results of the tests depends to quite an extent on the honesty with which a participant answers the questions.

Stress tests can be a very powerful tool in diagnosis. They should be administered by a psychiatrist under ideal conditions. Depending on the results and the overall diagnosis, a clinical psychiatrist may recommend further treatment in the form of counseling behavioral therapy or medication or a combination thereof.