Coping With Stress

The Best Online Games For Stress Relief

Talk about fun ways of relieving stress and online games are one of the instant choices. There is a vast plethora of games on the internet that can deviate your attention and help you unwind. However, there are some games that better serve the purpose than the rest. Here are some of them.

While there are several online games that can help you battle stress, nothing works like 'meditation Flowers'. This game allows you to create, sing and chant your own sounds. As you create a sound, an interesting graphic appears on the screen in response to the sound. The game puts you into an entirely different state of mind.

This online game ensures that you forget that you were ever stressed. It uses the relaxing properties of music and also offers the benefits of deep breathing, leaving you absolutely stress free. While the game is relaxing, it is by no means addictive. So, while you de-stress with the help of this game, you can be assured that you won't be spending half your day playing the game.

Another great game to beat stress is 'Puppets'. For those who like vintage Beastie boys, this one is a great pick. This game features a puppet that dances to all peppy tunes. You can change the way the puppet dances and have fun. Or, if you don't wish to stay that active, you can simply sit back and relax with the music and visuals.

How about building your own kaleidoscope to fight stress? 'Build Your Own Kaleidoscope' is yet another game that can work as an effective stress buster. In this game, you are supposed to drag various colorful shapes into a circle. As soon as you put these shapes into the circle, they start cycling. Dragging the shapes and watching them move provides a sense of relaxation, which makes the game an absolute stress buster. It takes your mind off completely and makes you feel at ease.

Look at a bunch of beautiful flowers and you are sure to feel relaxed almost instantly. And, what if you could actually create your own flowers? Well, that would be even more calming. That's exactly what the game of flowers allows you to do. It allows you to create your own flowers and plant them in your garden.  And what's more? You could even send these flowers virtually to your friend. Further on, you could even explore the flowers created by others in the same community. This game offers you all the joys of gardening right at your desktop.

Play any of these games and you should be able to battle stress in a fun and absolutely affordable manner.