Coping With Stress

Critical Incident Stress Management Training

Critical incident stress management training is a program intended mainly for people who are more likely to get involved in some critical incident related stress. These programs aim at two things. The first aim is to provide a preventive technique to the stressed beings. This is done by educating and preparing people to deal with possible hazards of being exposed to the stressful events. The second aim however is to focus on providing assistance, support and follow-up services to those who have faced these critical incidents.

Critical incident stress management training is presented as interactive workshop intended to help private and public sector employees and health professionals to understand the range of peer support in crisis intervention services.

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Usually the incident which emergency service personals face and which causes them to deal with peculiarly strong emotional reactions or which has the ability to interfere with their competency to function either at the same scene or later are the critical events. The incident generates unusually intense feelings in these emergency workers.

CISM Training helps in preparing participants to efficiently provide these interventions, specifically after tragic or catastrophic events in the community or the workplace. Along with informative lectures, the CISM Training includes extensive practical skills coaching and training, provided by experienced instructor.