Coping With Stress

Stress Inoculation Training

Stress inoculation training primarily refers to behavioral treatment meant to deal with PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It helps an individual identify his fears and overcome them.

Though stress inoculation training can be used to treat various types of stress disorders, it works the best for competitive stress. It is for this reason that stress inoculation training has a major application in the field of sports.

What is the basic objective of Stress Inoculation Training?
The sole objective of stress inoculation training is to recognize his fears or stress triggers and gain the ability to overcome them. Stress inoculation training also aims at bringing back the lost confidence post any kind of traumatic event.

How it works?
In the process of stress inoculation training, a person first learns to identify the causes of his stress and fears. The therapist helps the individual identify the factors or the situations that bring fear and anxiety. These factors, also known as cues could be anything such as a particular thought, person, an object or any other.

Once the stress sufferer has successfully recognized the cues that trigger stress, the next step is to face these cues. The patient learns various skills that help him face his fears. He also learns various stress relieving techniques such as meditation, relaxation techniques and other breathing exercises.

The therapist also guides the sufferer on how to use these stress management skills in day to day situations. The sufferer learns how to use the acquired stress managing skill set. So, whenever the stress victim is faced with his fears, he makes use of these stress management tips and techniques to overcome the problem.

Thus, stress inoculation training is not a time bound treatment. This training stays with the person for the rest of his life and helps him/her constantly battle their fears.

Who can benefit from stress inoculation training?
Though, any stress sufferer can benefit from stress inoculation training, it is particularly helpful to those who have been through any kind of traumatic event. The treatment helps stress sufferers overcome the reminders of the trauma they have been through and helps remove all fears associated with the event.

It also helps those who live in a 24X7 pressurizing environment. Stress inoculation training helps individuals understand their daily stress triggers and the ways to deal with them.

To sum up, stress inoculation training comes across as a practical approach to deal with stress and related problems on a day to day basis. You can consult a therapist and seek the training before it becomes too large.