Stress Medications

Stressed out? Opt for Vitamin C

Are you dealing with stress? If yes, then Vitamin C can be of great help to you. This naturally occurring vitamin helps you get rid of stress in an easy and absolutely safe manner.

Several studies and researches have revealed that people who consume a high level of Vitamin C do not show the physical and psychological signs of stress when posed with challenging conditions. Besides, a high intake of Vitamin C has been linked with effective dealing of stress. People who consume Vitamin C on a daily basis bounce back from stressful situations much faster as compared to those who don't.

Vitamin C helps you get rid of stress by eliminating the cortisol from the body. Cortisol is one of the most important hormones related to stress. This hormone is produced by the adrenal glands as a response to stress. Cortisol gets into the bloodstream, spreading the news of the stress to the entire body. This makes you feel even more stressed. Vitamin C fights the cortisol and helps you get rid of stress.

There are several benefits of using Vitamin C to ward off stress. First of them being that it offers an absolutely safe solution to ward off stress. Unlike many other stress reduction medications that may cause numerous side effects, Vitamin C is absolutely safe. Instead, it only boosts the immune system and offers a healthy skin and better health.

Also, using vitamin C is an easy way to manage stress. There are no unnecessary precautions or contraindications of using this Vitamin. You can easily include it in your daily diet, without bothering about unnecessary usage instructions.

Using Vitamin C for stress management
If you wish to use Vitamin C for stress management, there are more than just one ways of doing so. One of the simplest ways of using Vitamin C for stress management is to include more of Vitamin C rich foods in your daily diet. All the citrus fruits such as lemon and orange are excellent sources of this vitamin. Brussels, asparagus, parsley, strawberries, papayas and cantaloupes also contain this vitamin in abundance.

Alternatively, you can even consider using Vitamin C supplements. There are several OTC vitamin C supplements that can help you manage stress much more effectively. When looking for OTC supplements, make sure that you go in for the one that is a time released preparation and works through out the day. This is primarily because the Vitamin works very fast and has short lived effects.

So, in case you wish to alleviate your stress levels in a natural, easy and safe manner than Vitamin C is the way to go.