How to Destress

Laugh Your Way To Stress Free Life

Laughter is the best medicine. Indeed, it is as it helps you cope with a lot of health issues including stress. Infusing a bit of laughter into life can help you stay stress free and happier.  

Why use laughter to manage stress?
Laughter is one of the best stress busters. It works in more than just one way to distress you and make you feel relaxed.

* Reduces stress hormones- There are several hormones that are related to stress. Some of these hormones include cortisol, dopamine, growth hormone and epinephrine. Along with reducing the level of these stress hormones, it increases the endorphins in your blood stream, which is also known as the feel good hormone.
* Physical release- Laughter helps you release the stored tension both at the physical and the mental level. Once you have a hearty laugh, you will feel cleansed and at ease.
* Helps you exercise- Much to your surprise, laughter ensures a good workout too. It exercises your diaphragm, contracts the abs and even works out your shoulders.
* Takes away negative emotions- When you laugh, you tend to deviate your attention from negative emotions like stress, anger, frustration and the like.
* Gives you a positive attitude- If you inculcate laughter into your life, you are sure to find a more positive attitude towards things. And, optimism is the key to keeping stress at bay.

How to get laughter into your life?
Watch humorous movies and shows
There is absolutely no dearth of comedy movies and shows on television. Head to a nearby store and you are sure to find a long list of movies that are only meant to tickle your funny bone. Several comedy shows on television can also serve the purpose just as well. However, make sure that you are watching something that is truly hilarious rather than something that is marginally funny.

Laugh out with your friends
While laughing alone has therapeutic benefits, laughing out with your friends can be even more relaxing. Go out for a comedy show with your friends or simply set up a dinner. When you are laughing with your friends, the laughter spree is sure to go on endlessly.

Look for reasons
There is no harm in trying to find a little humor in your life. Instead of being frustrated about situations, try to laugh at them. Once you start laughing over things rather than being tensed about them, you will find yourself less stressed.

Start laughing and you will find stress driving away. And, since laughing is not that difficult a task, why not start right away?