How to Destress

Unconventional Ways To Relieve Stress

Talk of relieving stress and you have more than just one stress relief techniques that can help you out. But, if you are tired of trying the usual run of the mill methods to battle stress, then some unconventional tricks could prove to be of great help. Here are some unusual ways to ward off stress.

This is one of the most beneficial stress management activities. It not just helps you ward off stress but also rewards you with cleaner surroundings. You do not have to clean the entire hours to ward off stress. Just rearranging a particular drawer of your cupboard or cleaning the windows alone will do. Put on music that you enjoy and start setting up your wardrobe. You can even wash the dishes. For better results, indulge yourself in a cleaning job that is physically taxing like vacuuming the carpet. The physical activity will release the tension from your body.

Gardening is yet another unconventional stress buster. This activity is known to have a relaxing effect. The very thought of being around greenery in a fresh environment is relaxing. When you are out in the garden in the midst of nature, you are bound to feel more at ease. Besides, you are also sure to be at the receiving end of some sunshine, which will brighten up your mood. Gardening involves tending and taking care of plants. When you take care of someone, you will feel more at peace and relaxed, which is why gardening makes for a great stress buster.

Playing your kids

Nothing can pep up your mood more than playing with a young one. As adults all of us forget the real idea of having fun. Play with kids and have fun once again to let go all the stress you have been dealing with. Roll on the ground or play in the mud with them and you are sure to have a great time. If your kids are slightly grown up, you could take them out for a movie or simply go shopping with them. Spending quality and fun time with your kids will ease you of all the worries and make you feel relaxed. And, what's more? Your kids will feel good too.

Sing loudly
Start humming to your favorite tunes. Play the CD of your favorite tracks and sing along in a loud pitch. When you speak at higher volume, the tension from your body is released. And, the music going down your ears has a therapeutic effect. Put the two together and the result is sure to be zero stress. If you want, you could even immerse yourself in the shower while doing the same.

Try these out of the box ideas and you could be beating stress in a fun and jovial manner.