How to Destress

Stress In Women: Coping With Job Stress And Household Duties!

Two women are close friends. One has the job; the other is the homemaker. The former complains about the job stress. The later has the stress that her friend has the job and she does not have a job! The first type is the job stress and the other type is job-related stress.

A woman is affected physically as well as emotionally in every type of job. For, mostly it is the case of dual responsibility of office job and household responsibilities for her.

Even if she engages domestic aids and attendants, there is no complete escape from the household responsibilities for her. A woman is always more attached to her house emotionally. Therefore the level of stress will be more if the hours of work are irregular and unpredictable. Shift duties also add to the woes of woman. If she is a part-time worker she would always compare herself with full time colleagues and their emoluments. Such petty jealousies also add to their stress.

The greatest factor that adds to stress in woman in relation to her job is the unresponsive management and its lack of support to her normal expectations as an employee. In all work places the full time workers are more respected. The facilities given to them are more and this creates a division and friction amongst the various workers.

There is nothing to boost their morale they feel. An undercurrent of unhappiness always flows within them. This affects their performance and they develop a feeling within themselves, “why should I work more than this?” Work is not worship to them; they just carry on for the sake of carrying on.

Women are more sensitive as compared to men. A particular stress thus affects them more than the men. To a given situation, both will react in a different manner. The pivotal point of men’s life is the job, for women it is always home and family. Many times she has to pass through the periods of double stress- stress in the family and stress in the job environment.

 Another job-related stress is the environment in which she works. Sexual harassment to women in their job places is the most talked about and discussed topic of late. The issue is mainly individual with legal implications. It concerns the woman in particular, not the women in general!