How to Destress

Increased Stress Amidst Working Women

Stress is a part and parcel of everybody's life. Though it is both men and women who deal with stress, it is women who tend to be its most common victims. And it is particularly the working women category that finds itself struggling with stress more than others.

There are certain specific conditions that might lead to some special kind of stress in women. These conditions include pregnancy, menopause and familial strife. But, nowadays with rapid increase in number of working woman, a new kind of stress has over shadowed others.

High pressure of work and a dynamic working environment that a woman faces has put the working women through high levels of stress. Workplaces have become even more competitive, the burden of which have fallen on females too. They can no longer continue to be a part of an organization for namesake. They need to perform extremely well in order to keep their job place.

And, if the work pressure alone was not enough, working women have their home and family responsibilities as well to cater to. The constant task of dragging double responsibilities is what leads to increased stress levels.

Pressure of meeting deadlines or targets and constant fear of family members getting annoyed makes it impossible to strike a balance between both these responsibilities. It most often results in stress and anxiety. Sometimes, women end up feeling guilty of their negligence towards home.

This stress often results in irritation, insomnia and mood fluctuations. If you are a working woman under stress you are likely to experience constant headache. Fatigue is also one of the signs of stress. Prolonged exposure to stress in working women may also result in irregular periods.

You can get rid of this stress by adapting to your work place in a better way. Moreover, reduction in work load and encouragement from colleagues and boss could be of great help. Do not try to take more work than you can manage. Learn to say no, if you do not think you will be able to take on an additional responsibility.

Learning proper time management will also help you ward off stress. Divide your time and set your priorities. Don't think of work once you are home and vice versa. At home too, you can try seeking your husband's support and encouragement. This will help you stay motivated and pay equal attention to your home.

In the nut shell, the key to kill work stress lies in striking a balance between your office and your home. Ask your family for support and the whole ordeal of fighting with stress is sure to become easier.