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Stress And Pregnancy - The Effects Of Emotional Stress During Pregnancy

As per medical statistics, there is an excessive secretion of hormones during pregnancy. This process creates emotional stress, which can be very severe. You need to follow some simple steps to reduce the stress. The steps are very simple and will limit the effect of stress on the unborn child and you.

As it is life is so full of stress.  Pregnancy is a boon from god. Stress is not good for you during your term. It can have adverse side effects. It is very important for you to remove anxiety. This is also a part of the stress management process. Removal of anxiety during this period of pregnancy is very important. Anxiety during pregnancy is very harmful. It may result in false labor or premature birth. It can also cause hypertension. The effects can be disastrous for the unborn baby.

To counter stress during pregnancy, you need to be well as far as the emotional aspect is concerned. This is very important during this period of 9 months. Reduction and management of stress will have a  positive impact on the development of the baby.

The pregnant woman needs to follow some steps to reduce anxiety.

1] A healthy and balanced diet is very important. Good and nutritious food which fulfills your and the baby’s calorific requirements will go a long way in stress management. The food should have all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These essential nutrients are responsible for the reduction of the stress.

2] You need to have enough time to sleep and rest. In case you do not rest, your and the baby’s stress levels will increase. In case you find it difficult to sleep, take a warm shower. Have your meals early. This will save you from acid reflux and heartburn. Avoid drinking a lot of fluid before going to bed. This will save you trips to the bathroom during the night.

3] It is advisable to have some light exercise. You will be stress free with regular exercise. This will also limit your anxiety. Exercise will prepare your body for labor pains. You will become smart and alert. It is also advisable to have yoga. You also need moral support from your friends and relations.