How to Destress

Stress & Pregnancy: Fight One To Upkeep The Other!

It demands a perfect balance between home and work and psychological and physical self. A little bit of stress is no problem but if it keeps mounting, a check is needed.

The basic problem arises when the women try to manage work and home as they used to do prior to their pregnancies. Pregnancy also demands taking care of yourself and of the life taking shape in you. Most women suffer from stress due to, over work, unpleasant conditions at home and worries related to pregnancy.

The good news is that pregnant women can now get rid of stress. The first step would be to identify the stressor. Thereon certain techniques like Guided Imagery, Yoga and Meditation can provide the desired relief.

Tips to combat stress during pregnancy:

A) Manage your time. Draw a schedule for yourself - include work as well as time for yourself in it. Balance all your responsibilities evenly.

B) If you are looking forward to be on the run just like you used to be earlier, you are sadly mistaken. It is not possible. Accept this fact and distribute your work accordingly.

C) Accept the change that has come over you. The sooner you realize it the better. As the pregnancy develops further, your physical condition is bound to pose certain limitations in your work. It is always good to make a note of this fact.

D) Communicate with your near and dear ones. All your fears, anxieties, questions and problems can find a solution in such interactive sessions.

E) Make a note of your needs. Apart from your doctor, you can best judge your needs during pregnancy. What you will eat, how much you will work, what amount of rest you would need, these are the things that you need to chalk out very clearly.

F) Take optimum rest. You need to relax adequately in order to come in equation with this major change in your life.

G) Learn about pregnancy as much as possible. The more you know, the better it is. Try and explore all the aspects of it and gather maximum possible information.

H) If your profession is something, which requires you to be a hero, don't play the hero. Any uneven kind of movement can cause stress - both physically and mentally.

I) Talk to yourself and explore the questions that you have. Write them down. Thus you will get acquainted with your inner self and also get to know your inherent fears and doubts.

The woman is the one, who creates and nourishes life. She is the center of all living forms. It is very important to take care of yourself in a special phase such as pregnancy. Apart from these tips, certain therapies and medications can also help in managing stress during pregnancy. But, they should only be undertaken after prescribed by your healthcare provider.