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The Effects of Untreated Postpartum Depression

Tip! To gain the most benefit from stress management techniques, it’s important that we identify the specific pressures we are having difficulty with and tailor the techniques to our needs.

When postpartum depression is diagnosed it is very essential to treat it immediately. What can happen when postpartum depression goes untreated? First and foremost, an attachment problem between mother and child can develop if postpartum depression goes untreated. Mother and child, not given the chance to bond properly, may be in store for significant problems down the road.

Postpartum depression is not an issue that will go away on its own and women who go untreated may find an increased sense of alienation developing between the baby and themselves. The mother may also have trouble being a good parent to her child. She may undergo times of irritableness, have less energy and show signs of lack of concentration.

These symptoms can cause her to feel guilty and question her ability of being a good mother. All of these can cause the mother to become withdrawn from her child and give the child an uneasy feeling of neglect. This will augment the depression and cause it to deepen and worsen.

Tip! PTSD describes a set of characteristics common to people who have been traumatized in some way.
In some cases, it is also seen where mothers have killed their children in one shape or form due to depression that has gone untreated. Studies say that postpartum depression can affect the baby by causing it to have language problems, emotional bonding issues and behavioral problems.

The baby will feel these affects first and then this will carry over into the family because it will become harder to raise the baby. All of this and more can be avoided with a little proactive attention.