Types Of Stress

11 Easy Ways To Distress In Office

The prime goal of a human being is to make stress as minor an issue as is possible. The key lies in adequate management of stress. Let us face it. Stress is inevitable. It is how we deal with stress that makes all the difference.

Here are some tips to deal with stress:

1 Squeeze something
These days stress balls are available in the market. They are also called squash or racquet balls. You need to squeeze a ball. Research says that it helps in the process of stress relief.

2 Start early
Always start your day at a new job or a new task, ten minutes earlier than planned. You will sufficient time to analyze the new environment and culture or think how things are to be worked out.

3Time out
Apart from work, spend time with your colleague. You need to have some extra fun. This also builds the team spirit. It increases relief from stress.

4Eat out-
Have lunch in park or calm restaurant. In this way, you can relax. Stretch your legs during this period. It is up to you whether you prefer a colleague or a friend.

5Take your holidays
Life is short. Take some break and enjoy some holidays. Remove stress on a beautiful beach. Be in harmony with nature. You can have a weekend off in a wild sanctuary.

6Get a window
Make your office on beautiful site. Gazing for a while on beautiful site of window will relieve stress. Have a cup of coffee near the window. You will feel relief.

7Sticker your phone
Place a smiley sticker on your phone. It will remind you that you are making or answering a call. Smile on the phone as you speak.

8Keep objective
Business becomes stressful with tough decisions. It is better to take an objective business decision. Take decision with dignity. Have a complete focus. Lot of stress will reduce by following this path.

9Let go
Be nice. Always try to forgive and forget.  It is not always advisable to be vindictive. Resolve differences by mutual consent and conclusions. Some things are not in your control. Let them be as usual. There is a particular time for their recovery.

It is food for your soul. Play light background music in your office. Use the internet. Listen to beautiful songs from radio stations. Click on to some meditation websites.


Try out some mentally stimulating and challenging puzzles. If you can’t solve it, you can always throw it at the wall. Better the puzzle, than your laptop.